ELHAND Projects in Practice: Transformers ET1SB 750kVA

Februar 22, 2024

ELHAND Projects in Practice: Transformers ET1SB 750kVA

Another project in the series #FromDesignToSolution: ELHAND engineering projects in practice, is the result of a collaboration with a globally leading manufacturer of vacuum furnaces, whose innovative solutions are used in a number of key industrial sectors such as aerospace, energy, defense, medical, automotive, tool and machine manufacturing.

The project was part of a larger collaboration with a foreign customer, as part of which we have delivered a total of 5 transformer sets over the past two years. The project supervisor was Janusz Skubala ELHAND Key Account Manager.

Design challenge
The main challenge in this project was to design transformer sets that could fit into the limited, well-defined space available at the customer's site, while offering high power and the ability to independently control the heating zones. Our solution, the 3xET1SB-750 type sets, were designed to meet these criteria, while providing high efficiency and precision in demanding technological processes.

Independent control and high power
The 3xET1SB-750 transformer sets enable independent heating zone control in high-power vacuum furnaces, crucial for the proper operation of processes such as annealing, supersaturating, brazing, sintering, gas and oil quenching, carburizing, nitriding, and others. A single set's 750kVA power output achieves optimal process control, essential for specialized industrial applications.

Prestigious application
In the supplied 3xET1SB-750 type sets, an increased secondary side voltage has been applied compared to the transformers typically ordered by this customer. This approach indicates the specialized application of ELHAND transformers, which in this case work with molybdenum heaters, allowing for the achievement of very high annealing temperatures. The delivered sets assure the customer that their production processes will proceed smoothly, in accordance with expectations

Solution-focused partnership
At ELHAND Transformatory, our commitment to providing personalized solutions aligns with a deep understanding of our customers' needs and challenges. Our project-to-solution approach ensures each project is executed to maximize customer benefits. 

We look forward to working with you 
If you're seeking a partner who understands your project specifics and offers tailored solutions, ELHAND Transformatory is ready to assist. Contact us to discover how we can support your business goals, providing detailed guidance and support every step of the way.

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